Arcadia By Di Morrissey

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Arcadia By (author) Di Morrissey ISBN:9781760550387 A modern mystery born in a timeless Tasmanian forest, from Australia’s favourite storyteller.

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A modern mystery born in a timeless Tasmanian forest from Australia’s favourite storyteller, with new novel Before the Storm out now.

In the 1930s, in an isolated and beautiful corner of southern Tasmania, a new young wife arrives at her husband’s secluded property – Arcadia. Stella, an artist, falls in love with Arcadia’s wild, ancient forest. And when an unknown predator strikes, she is saved by an unusual protector…

Two generations later, Stella’s granddaughter, Sally, and her best friend, Jessica, stumble over Stella’s secret life in the forest and find themselves threatened in turn.

What starts as a girls’ adventurous road trip becomes a hunt for the story of the past, to solve the present, and save their future…

A breathtaking Tasmanian tale of ancient forests; of art and science; of love and, above all, of friendship.

Arcadia By (author) Di Morrissey ISBN:9781760550387


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Di Morrissey is one of the most successful and prolific authors Australia has ever produced. She trained as a journalist, working in newspapers, magazines, television, film, theatre and advertising around the world. Her fascination with different countries, their landscape, their cultural, political and environmental issues, has been the catalyst for her novels which are all inspired by a particular landscape. Di lives with her partner, Boris Janjic, in the Manning Valley, NSW. In 2017, in recognition of her achievements, Di was inducted into the Australian Book Industry Awards Hall of Fame with the Lloyd O'Neil Award.



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