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Belle Smart Spaces By (author) Belle ISBN:9781925695038

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AUSTRALIAN ARCHITECTS AND INTERIOR DESIGNERS are imagining some of the most innovative and clever ‘smart spaces’ for the wave of Australians eschewing traditional suburban living for a more millenial existence in penthouses, apartments and semis. Smart Spaces, the stylish new tome from the team at Belle magazine, introduces readers to an incredible array of smart spaces all around Australia designed by Australia’s leading creative names including SJB, David Hicks, Greg Natale, Justine Hugh-Jones, Chelsea Hing, Tom Ferguson, Anna-Carin McNamara, CM Studio, Mim Design, Cameron Kimber and many more. This is a must-read for the chic downsizer and anyone choosing clever layouts and exciting locales over traditional houses.

Belle Smart Spaces By (author) Belle ISBN:9781925695038


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