Checkmate: The Lymond Chronicles Book Six by Dorothy Dunnett


Checkmate: The Lymond Chronicles Book Six by Dorothy Dunnett ISBN: 9780140282382. Part of the “Lymond Chronicles”, Dorothy Dunnett’s series of six novels, this text explores the intricacies of 16th-century history through the exploits of the soldier Francis Crawford of Lymond.

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‘If they place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left and ask me to give up my mission, I will not give it up until the truth prevails or I myself perish in the attempt . . .’ It is 1557 and legendary Scottish warrior Francis Crawford of Lymond is once more in France. There he is leading an army to rout the hated English from Calais. Yet while Lymond seeks victory on the battlefield he is haunted by his troubled past – chiefly the truth about his origins and his marriage (in name only) to young Englishwoman Philippa Somerville. As the French offer him a way out of his marriage and his wife appears in France on a mission of her own, the final moves are made in a great game that has been playing out over an extraordinary decade of war, love and struggle – bringing the Lymond Chronicles to a spellbinding close.

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