Every Thug Needs A Lady By Wahida Clark


Every Thug Needs A Lady By (author) Wahida Clark ISBN:9781496724250 New York Times bestselling author Wahida Clark’s iconic Thug series takes readers into the streets-and into the heart of a criminal world where even love can be a dangerous choice…

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Having escaped from the hard streets where deals go down on the corner and shots ring out in the night, sexy, beautiful Roz-friend of Angel, Jaz, and Kyra, who’ve all loved thugs of their own-is on her way to a professional career in physical therapy. She doesn’t need to make a U-turn back to the ghetto. But then she meets Trae, who’s still after the bling and fast money of drugs. He’s hard, hot, irresistible-and trouble.

Soon Roz is wild for a brother whose world is filled with dark schemes and deadly desires. But blinded by her passion, she can’t see the heartbreak ahead-where the hood has a law of its own and its own brand of
revenge . . .

“This completely engrossing story spins a compelling tale the only way Wahida Clark knows how to do it, and she does it so well.”
-Books2Mention.com on Thug Matrimony

“Clark takes us on a journey . . . the ride is exciting and drama filled.”
-The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers on Thugs and the Women Who Love Them

“An entertaining, graphic, somewhat erotic look at the streets. . . . A drama-filled quick read that will leave you wanting more.”
-RAWSISTAZ Reviewers on Payback is a Mutha

Book 2 in the Thug Series

Every Thug Needs A Lady By (author) Wahida Clark ISBN:9781496724250


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WAHIDA CLARK was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. She decided to write fiction while incarcerated at a women's federal prison camp and now has more than a million books in print, including four New York Times bestsellers. Her gritty crime novels include Thugs and the Women Who Love Them, Payback Is a Mutha, Every Thug Needs a Lady, Thug Matrimony, Payback with Ya Life, Thug Lovin', The Golden Hustla, Justify My Thug, and Payback Ain't Enough, as well as the novella "Enemy in My Bed" alongside a novella by Kiki Swinson in the collection Sleeping with the Enemy. Visit Wahida online at wclarkpublishing.com.



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