The Graduate By Charles Webb


The Graduate By (author) Charles Webb ISBN:9780140026931

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‘For twenty-one years I have been shuffling back and forth between classrooms and libraries. Now you tell me what the hell it’s got me’That’s how Benjamin Braddock talked when he came down from university. Somehow it didn’t seem to be what his father expected from a college education. And everyone was really appalled when Ben raped Mrs Robinson (that was her story anyway) and ran off with her daughter in the middle of her wedding to someone else …A brilliantly sordid tale of a young man’s search for identity and a portrayal of the worst-behaved yet most sympathetic anti-hero of the day.

The Graduate By (author) Charles Webb ISBN:9780140026931


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Charles Webb was born in 1939 in San Francisco. He was educated at Williams College, Massachusetts, where he graduated in American history and literature. <i>The Graduate</i> was his first novel, and was made in to a hugely successful film. His other novels include <i>Love, Roger, The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker</i> (also filmed), <i>The Abolitionist of Clark Gable Place and Elsinor</i>.



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