Hangover Food: 35 Restorative Recipes for When You’Re Hurting and Hungry by Books, Dog ‘n’ Bone


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Overdid it on the G and Ts? Went a bit too big at your friend’s birthday? Did ‘one swift beer after work’ descend into a full-scale session? Sound familiar? Then it’s likely that you’re not feeling your best right this second. Never fear, because help is at hand with this gourmet collection of indulgent dishes that are guaranteed to help against even the gnarliest of hangovers. Inside you’ll find, bacon, bacon, and more bacon; the finest egg porn with the runniest yokes; and the best carb-heavy comfort food to soothe the stomach and heal a throbbing head. ‘What about us?’ the vegans and veggies cry. Don’t panic, we wouldn’t do you like that. Check out the section of detox delights that’ll put you on the road to recovery. We’ve even thrown in a few hair of the dog cocktails for good measure. Aren’t we good to you?

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