Isabellae Volume 2 By Raule


Isabellae Volume 2 By (author) Raule ISBN:9781506712758 In this epic conclusion to the series, Isabellae battles against ancient Celtic beasts and deities that threaten the destruction of humanity.

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Curious about her origins and in search of long-lost Celtic relatives, Isabellae travels to Ireland. But when the ancient druids of the Emerald Isle make a deal with the monstrous Formorian gods, Isabellae finds herself battling in a war for control with her English and Irish allies!

From the innovative minds of Spanish creators Raule and Gabor, Dark Horse Books is excited to present Isabellae Volume 2, which collects the final three volumes of the original French series, available in English for the first time.

Collects French albums 4-6.

Isabellae Volume 2 By (author) Raule ISBN:9781506712758

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Dimensions 212 × 258 mm
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Born in Barcelona in 1971, at the age of 18 Raule won the comics competition in Bellvitge, the city he grew up in. He began drawing at the Joso school, but there he realized that drawing was not for him…He preferred writing. He collaborated with Roger Ibanez, with whom he formed a winning duo as they worked together for Otaku, the manga magazine published by Norma. They then published Hole'n'Virgin, Amores muertos and Cabos sueltos at Amaniaco before releasing the Jazz Maynard series with Dargaud (2015 Europe Comics). Raule then wrote La conjetura de Poincare (Diabolo Ediciones) with veteran Josep M_x00AA_ Sauri. Since his drawing studies, he has never put his pen down, developing a unique writing style over the course of his albums, a result of dipping his quill into the ink of the Barcelona suburbs as well as the film reels of this genre. Currently he is working with Gabor on the adventures of the female samurai Isabellae, published by Le Lombard (2016 Europe Comics).



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