Jaylin: A Naughty Aftermath: Naughty Series By Brenda Hampton


Jaylin: A Naughty Aftermath: Naughty Series By (author) Brenda Hampton ISBN:9781622862191 Naughty is as naughty always does, and Jaylin Jerome Rogers never disappoints. The aftermath to the Naughty Series picks up nearly three years later, and the tables have clearly turned.

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For the first time ever, Nokea has found true love with another man, while Jaylin remains on the outside, wondering how it has come to this. He could never imagine Nokea falling out of love with him, but Dr. Travis L. Cooper has it all from A to Z. He’s perfectly fine with Nokea and Jaylin being just friends, but getting too comfortable may become a setback or a setup for major things to come.

Everyone struggles to stay in their own lane, even Scorpio, who is finally preparing herself to walk down the aisle. Before that can happen, she desires one final night, just one, with the man who continues to hold a grip on her heart. Every woman knows that one night with Jaylin can be a game changer, and as Scorpio predicts, their heated sex session concludes with a bang.

The only person ready to aim and shoot is Scorpio’s man, Mario, whose loyal family has ties to the Mafia. Betrayal isn’t something he’s comfortable with, and with a billionaire status, Mario is forced to keep his eyes on the money and his woman. Scorpio is in way over her head, and unfortunately, so is Nokea, who gets blindsided by a twist that no one sees coming.

Brenda Hampton delivers another page-turner full of the dramatic antics of bad-boy Jaylin Jerome Rogers and the women who can’t resist him.

Jaylin: A Naughty Aftermath: Naughty Series By (author) Brenda Hampton ISBN:9781622862191

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Brenda Hampton is an Essence bestselling author. She was named a Favorite Female Fiction writer in Upscale magazine, and was awarded the Best Female Writer by readers and Infini Promoters. When she is not writing, Hampton manages her own insurance business in the St. Louis metropolitan area.



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