Fat Liner Brush Set Taklon/Squirrel 16, 10, 6

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONMont Marte Fat Liner brushes are a fascinating hybrid of fine liner brushes and larger mop brushes. These brushes have excellent resilience and water capacity. They have the ability to produce long continuous strokes, detailed line work and broad washes.FEATURES3 brushes included (1 x Fat Liner 6, 1 x Fat Liner 10 and 1 x Fat Liner 16)
Long taklon bristle needles encircled by short squirrel-hair bristles
Excellent resilience and water capacity
Mont Marte Gouache
Mont Marte Watercolours
TIPSTry this funky effect: Soak the belly of the brush in one colour. Then dip only the needle in clean water and squeeze out with fingers, making it clean so you can add a different colour to the needle. This will blend two colours together in one stroke!
Do not allow the paint to dry in the brush
Remove as much paint as possible with a paper towel prior to rinsing with water (Acrylic, Watercolours or Gouache paints) or turpentine followed by cleaner or soapy water (Oil-based paints)
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