Gesso Brushes Sizes 2, 4, 6


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PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThis set of Mont Marte Gesso Brushes offers fantastic value for money. The flat head hog bristle shape is perfect for priming canvas, varnishing and for painting large background areas. FEATURES3 brushes included (1 x Flat 2, 1 x Flat 4 and 1 x Flat 6)
The soft absorbent bristles hold paint well, making them great for watercolour washes
SUITABLE FOR USE WITHMont Marte Acrylic Paints
Mont Marte Oil Paints
Mont Marte Watercolour Paint
Mont Marte Poster Paints
TIPSDo not allow the paint to dry in the brush
Remove as much paint as possible with a paper towel prior to rinsing with water (Acrylic, Poster Paints, Watercolours) or turpentine followed by cleaner or soapy water (Oil-based paints)
NOTE: Select the ‘Care’ tab to download the Care Instructions PDF for usage with all our paints and brushes.