Maskerade: (Discworld Novel 18) By Terry Pratchett


Maskerade: (Discworld Novel 18) By (author) Terry Pratchett ISBN:9780552167567 The eighteenth Discworld novel.

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‘Cracking dialogue, compelling illogic and unchained whimsy . . .’ Sunday TimesThe Discworld is very much like our own – if our own were to consist of a flat planet balanced on the back of four elephants which stand on the back of a giant turtle, that is . . .What sort of person sits down and writes a maniacal laugh? And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head. Opera can do that to a man . . .It can also bring Death. And plenty of it. In unpleasant variations. This isn’t real life – it’s worse. This is the Opera House, Ankh-Morpork . . . a huge, rambling building where innocent young sopranos are being targeted by a strangely familiar evil mastermind in a mask and evening dress and with a penchant for lurking in shadows and occasional murder.But Granny Weatherwax, Discworld’s most formidable witch, is in the audience. And she doesn’t hold with that sort of thing. There’s going to be trouble (but nevertheless a good evenin’s entertainment with murders you can really hum to) and the show MUST go on.____________________The Discworld novels can be read in any order but Maskerade is the fifth book in the Witches series.

Maskerade: (Discworld Novel 18) By (author) Terry Pratchett ISBN:9780552167567


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Terry Pratchett was the acclaimed creator of the global bestselling Discworld series, the first of which, The Colour of Magic, was published in 1983. In all, he was the author of over fifty bestselling books. His novels have been widely adapted for stage and screen, and he was the winner of multiple prizes, including the Carnegie Medal, as well as being awarded a knighthood for services to literature. He died in March 2015.



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