Mining Social Media By Lam Thuy Vo


Mining Social Media By (author) Lam Thuy Vo ISBN:9781593279165 Buzzfeeed News Senior Reporter Lam Thuy Vo explains how to get, process, and analyze data from the social web in meaningful ways with the Python programming language.

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Digging Social Media Data will show you the kind of data that can be mined on the social web, the insights that can be gained from it, and the limitations of its scope. You’ll learn how to find out what kind of data is available on popular social media juggernauts like Facebook and Twitter and how to recognize the value of what is measured.

Practical exercises interweave with conceptual lessons that cover ways to use Python to extract data from social media sources, analyze it, and make sense of it visually. You’ll learn how to write a script that taps into an API, how to scrape data from websites, and even how to make sense of emoji usage in your data.

Mining Social Media By (author) Lam Thuy Vo ISBN:9781593279165


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Lam Thuy Vo is a Senior Reporter for Buzzfeed News. She tells data-driven stories about economics, social issues, and web culture through words, graphics, and audiovisuals. She is also a journalism educator who has taught workshops and semester-long courses around the world.



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