Miss Marjoribanks By Margaret Oliphant


Miss Marjoribanks By (author) Margaret Oliphant ISBN:9780140436303

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Returning home to tend her widowed father Dr Marjoribanks, Lucilla soon launches herself into Carlingford society, aiming to raise the tone with her select Thursday evening parties. Optimistic, resourceful and blithely unimpeded by self-doubt, Lucilla is a superior being in every way, not least in relation to men. ‘A tour de force…full of wit, surprises and intrigue…We can imagine Jane Austen reading MISS MARJORIBANKS with enjoyment and approval in the Elysian Fields’ – Q. D. Leavis. Leavisdeclared Oliphant’s heroine Lucilla to be the missing link in Victorian literature between Jane Austen’s Emma and George Eliot’s Dorothea Brook and ‘more entertaining, more impressive and more likeable than either’.

Miss Marjoribanks By (author) Margaret Oliphant ISBN:9780140436303


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Margaret Oliphant (1828-97) was a prolific Scots writer, author of over 100 books and innumerable articles. Early widowed, she was compelled to write for a living. She is best remembered for her 'Chronicles of Carlingford' series, which is set in a quiet country town near London. Religious themes predominate but the books are sharp and humorous. Elisabeth Jay has written a critical 'Biography of Margaret Oliphant' and edited Gaskell's 'Life of Charlotte Bronte' for Penguin Classics.



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