Myths of Greece and Rome By Thomas Bulfinch


Myths of Greece and Rome By (author) Thomas Bulfinch ISBN:9780140056433

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The timeless stories of the gods and goddesses of Greece and Rome come to life beautifully in this lavishly illustrated edition of Thomas Bullfinch’s The Age of Fable, compiled by Bryan Holme. The profound effect these tales have had on the great artists of the western world can be seen in paintings and sculpture by masters from Praxiteles to Bernini, from Rubens to Picasso.

Myths of Greece and Rome By (author) Thomas Bulfinch ISBN:9780140056433

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Joseph Campbell was interested in mythology since his childhood in New York, when he read books about American Indians, frequently visited the American Museum of Natural History, and was fascinated by the museum's collection of totem poles. He earned his B.A. and M.A. degrees at Columbia in 1925 and 1927 and went on to study medieval French and Sanskrit at the universities of Paris and Munich. After a period in California, where he encountered John Steinbeck and the biologist Ed Ricketts, he taught at the Canterbury School, then, in 1934, joined the literature department at Sarah Lawrence College, a post he retained for many years. During the 1940s and '50s, he helped Swami Nikhilananda to translate the Upanishads and <b>The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna</b>. The many books by Professor Campbell include <b>The Hero with a Thousand Faces</b>, <b>Myths to Live By</b>, <b>The Flight of the Wild Gander</b>, and <b>The Mythic Image</b>. He edited <b>The Portable Arabian Nights</b>, <b>The Portable Jung</b>, and other works. He died in 1987.



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