On Royalty By Jeremy Paxman


On Royalty By (author) Jeremy Paxman ISBN:9780141012223

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Jeremy Paxman is used to making politicians explain themselves – but royalty has always been off limits. Until now. In On Royalty he delves deep into the past and takes a long hard look at our present incumbents to find out just what makes them tick. Along the way he discovers some fascinating and little-known details. Such as-how Albania came to advertise in England for a kingwhich English queen gave birth in front of 67 peoplehow easy it is to beat up future kings of Englandand how meeting the Queen is a bit scary – whoever you are…

On Royalty By (author) Jeremy Paxman ISBN:9780141012223


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Jeremy Paxman is the author of the bestselling book THE ENGLISH. He is a regular radio and TV presenter, most notably for Newsnight. Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman initially worked together on this book when they were both reporters for Panorama.



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