The Reckoning By Sharon Penman


The Reckoning By (author) Sharon Penman ISBN:9780140113259

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The violent clashes between thirteenth-century England and Wales continue and now there are new, dangerous players in the game. King Edward has brutally crushed the people’s hero Simon de Montfort under his harsh heel, and now sets his greedy sights on Wales. Unscrupulous, all-powerful, fearless, the lethal warrior king burns for mastery over all of Britain, dreaming of a crown unfettered by opposition. Great Llewelyn II, Prince of Wales, carries on his grandfather’s proud dreams of an independent, united Wales, but the light of liberty is fading. And his beloved bride Ellen, daughter of Simon de Montfort, first disowned and exiled, is then cruelly imprisoned at Edward’s pleasure. Llewelyn’s love for Ellen is a bond that will not be broken – but Edward’s vengeance and lust for power knows no bounds. And his own untrustworthy, jealous brother Davydd would force Llewelyn into a battle he cannot win . . . but cannot afford to lose. Concluding her magnificent sequence of novels on the death throes of independent Wales, Sharon Penman weaves a superbly dramatic story of abiding faiths, broken dreams – and enduring hearts. ‘Full of brawling and plotting, murder and revenge and betrayal . . . another triumph for Penman’ Seattle Times

The Reckoning By (author) Sharon Penman ISBN:9780140113259


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Sharon Penman is one of the most popular historical novelists writing today. Her bestselling story of Richard III, The Sunne in Splendour, was published in 1982 and her acclaimed Welsh trilogy, Here Be Dragons, Falls the Shadow and The Reckoning, was similarly successful. Time and Chance is the second in a trilogy that opened with When Christ and His Saints Slept (1994). Sharon Penman has travelled widely on both sides of the Atlantic researching her work. She lives in New Jersey.



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