Renee 2: The Protege By Brandie Davis


Renee 2: The Protege By (author) Brandie Davis ISBN:9781622861903 After almost dying at the hands of her sister, Renee has made the dangerous decision to step down and give Carmen her empire to chase after happiness

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The ice queen has finally melted, and the people closest to her are not happy with her transformation. When the road to happiness turns jagged and secrets are uncovered, Renee is forced to make decisions that can alter everyone’s lives.

Ride with Brandie Davis again as she brings you back into the life of a ruthless New York queenpin longing for a way to escape the mayhem of the streets she once ruled.

Renee 2: The Protege By (author) Brandie Davis ISBN:9781622861903

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Born and raised in New York City, Brandie Davis graduated with a bachelor's degree in English from York College and is the founder of My Urban Books blog and Facebook book club. From home she continues to pen drama-filled novels while developing her urban fiction blog, which is geared toward shining light on not only veteran authors but also the up and coming.



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