Ruby For Kids By Douglas Wright


Ruby For Kids By (author) Douglas Wright ISBN:9781593279967 An introductory programming book for kids that teaches the popular Ruby programming language, a language used by professional programmers. Covers core coding concepts like data types, numbers, strings, variables, and loops together with fun exercises throughout.

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Ruby for Kids is an introductory Ruby book for all readers. It removes the clutter and repetition found in some programming books and gets right to the core of Ruby and programming concepts like data types, algorithmic thinking, methods and more.

The book is full of concrete and interesting examples that involve fictional friends and families, sandwich making, and describing people’s attributes. Each chapter concludes with sample problems that summarize and re-apply the lessons taught so readers are able to solidify their knowledge and skills. Readers will come away from the book with knowledge of Ruby’s key data types and the various ways they can use Ruby to manipulate those types. They’ll learn the fundamentals of Ruby while also getting a useful introduction to programming in general so they can tackle other languages in the future and set themselves up for a solid coding education.

Ruby For Kids By (author) Douglas Wright ISBN:9781593279967


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<b>Doug Wright</b> began writing a children's book about Ruby when he noticed a friend's Twitter post about teaching his six-year-old how to program with Python. As a Ruby fan, Doug thought it only fair to develop a Ruby book for kids.


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