Starship Alchemon By Christopher Hinz


Starship Alchemon By (author) Christopher Hinz ISBN:9780857668172 Deep-space action and a threat to all humanity, by the award-winning author of Liege-Killer and The Paratwa Saga.

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Far from Earth, the AI-guided vessel Alchemon discovers a bizarre creature whose malignant powers are amplified by the presence of LeaMarsa de Host, a gifted but troubled Psionic.The ship is soon caught in a maelstrom of psychic turbulence that drives one crewmember insane and frees the creature from its secure containment. Now Captain Ericho Solorzano and the survivors must fight for their lives against a shrewd enemy that not only can attack them physically, emotionally and intellectually, but which seeks control of their sentient ship as a prelude to a murderous assault on the human species.

File Under- Science Fiction Deep Space Isolation | Monster on Spaceship | Psychic Powers | All-powerful Sentient AI

Starship Alchemon By (author) Christopher Hinz ISBN:9780857668172

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Christopher Hinz is the author of seven science fiction books. Cult classic Liege-Killer won the Compton Crook Award for best first novel and was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer. He has scripted comics for DC and Marvel, and has written screenplays and teleplays. He resides in Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S.



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