The Big Stink By Lucy Freegard


The Big Stink By (author) Lucy Freegard ISBN:9781843654131


Charlie, a notorious cheese thief, is a mouse on a mission.

Ever since he was little, he had got in spots of bother with the law. He had pinched Parmesan, crept off with Camembert and robbed Roquefort!

Charlie is planning his biggest mission yet – to steal a cheesy sculpture from The Museum of Art! After a hair-raising break-in – creeping past cameras, dodging guards and avoiding gates – he reaches his stinky prize. But Officer Rita is soon on the case. Will Charlie get away with it this time?

A witty, charming picture book with a surprising ending!

The Big Stink By (author) Lucy Freegard ISBN:9781843654131


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Weight 197 g
Dimensions 3 × 220 × 280 mm
About the Author

Lucy has an MA in children's book illustration from Cambridge School of Art, a degree in illustration from Cardiff School of Art & Design and did her art foundation at Falmouth University. Since graduating in 2015 Lucy has worked on a range of projects, from writing and illustrating picture books to designing soft toys and greetings cards from her studio in East London.

Lucy uses pen and watercolours, and loves sketching from life and eavesdropping at the zoo.


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