The Divine Comedy: Paradise By Dante Alighieri


The Divine Comedy: Paradise By (author) Dante Alighieri ISBN:9780140444438 The final volume in this brilliant translation destined to take its place among the great English versions of The Divine Comedy.

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In his translation of Paradise, Mark Musa exhibits the same sensitivity to language and knowledge of translation that enabled his versions of Inferno and Purgatory to capture the vibrant power and full dramatic force of Dante?s poetry. Dante relates his mystical interpretation of the heavens, and his moment of transcendent glory, as he journeys, first with Beatrice, then alone, toward the Trinity. Professor Musa?s extraordinary translation and his interpretive commentary, informative glossary, and bibliography clarify the theological themes and make Dante accessible to the English-speaking public.

The Divine Comedy: Paradise By (author) Dante Alighieri ISBN:9780140444438

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Dante Alighieri was born in Florence in 1265 and belonged to a noble but impoverished family. His life was divided by political duties and poetry, the most of famous of which was inspired by his meeting with Bice Portinari, whom he called Beatrice,including La Vita Nuova and The Divine Comedy. He died in Ravenna in 1321.



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