The Wonders of Nature By Ben Hoare

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The Wonders of Nature By (author) Ben Hoare ISBN:9780241386217 A stunning gift book filled with the real stories behind the beauty of our natural world.

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This compendium of amazing animals, plants, rocks and minerals, and microorganisms will wow children and many adults, too. With 100 remarkable items from the natural world, from orchids to opals and lichens to lizards, everyone will find something to be captivated by. Each plant, animal, and rock is shown both photographically and illustrated, and children will love poring over the detailed close-up images.

The storybook descriptions let you discover the myths and legends surrounding both organisms and gemstones, as well as key facts about their natural history. Find out how the prowling jaguar uses spots to avoid being spotted, why a sticky sundew means big trouble for insects, and what on Earth a radiolarian is. This beautiful treasury lets you find the things that interest you and uncover new favourites along the way. With reference pages packed with information you’ll go away knowing something you didn’t before, and you’ll return time and again.

An attractive gift for children who can’t get enough of nature, The Wonders of Nature is perfect for kids to explore by themselves or for bedtime stories.

The Wonders of Nature By (author) Ben Hoare ISBN:9780241386217

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Ben Hoare has contributed to many DK titles, including <i>Wildlife of the World </i>and <i>An Anthology of Intriguing Animals.</i>



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