The Young Hornblower Omnibus by C.S. Forester


The Young Hornblower Omnibus by C.S. Forester ISBN: 9780140119398. An omnibus edition comprising three of C. S. Forester’s seafaring tales featuring Horatio Hornblower. This edition offers the opportunity to collect the three early adventures, Mr Midshipman, Lieutenant Hornblower, and Hornblower and the Hotspur.

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Introducing the most gallant and redoubtable figure in naval history – Horatio Hornblower. The seventeen year old Hornblower became infamous as soon as he stepped on board ship as the midshipman who was seasick in the Spithead, but things were soon to change. Amid battle, action and adventure he proves himself time and time again – courageous in danger, resourceful in moments of difficulty and decisive in times of trouble. The reader stands right beside him as he prepares to fight his first duel, feels that heat as he battles to control a blazing ship and shares his horror as he experiences for the first time, the panic of the plague. The young Hornblower – A truly formidable force in his majesty’s service.

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