To Lie with Lions: The House of Niccolo 6 By Dorothy Dunnett


To Lie with Lions: The House of Niccolo 6 By (author) Dorothy Dunnett ISBN:9780140112689

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Spring 1471- The Lions of Europe are grumbling. The English shake themselves free of the Wars of the Roses; France and Burgundy face each other across the Somme, and Venice, with Cyprus her unwilling daughter, attempts to stem the growing threat of the Ottoman Turk. Meanwhile in Scotland, merchant-banker Nicholas de Fleury, having wrested his infant son from the boy’s formidable mother, pauses en route to the land of golden light to set in train a deception more perilous and more destructive than any of these political manoeuvrings. An intricate, brilliant, unforgivable plan that will ensnare nations in the triumphant ruin of his many enemies – but may also sever Nicholas from his friends, setting his lethal spark loose in the volatile magazine of Renaissance politics… To Lie with Lions is volume six in The House of Niccolo Series
‘Dorothy Dunnett takes readers with her into a fabulous past, using suspense and… high adventure.’
Sunday Telegraph

To Lie with Lions: The House of Niccolo 6 By (author) Dorothy Dunnett ISBN:9780140112689

Short-listed for Romantic Novelists’ Association Awards: Romantic Novel of the Year 1996


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Frequently described as the finest historical fiction writer of her time, <b>Dorothy Dunnett</b> earned worldwide acclaim for her blend of scholarship and imagination. She is best known for her two superb series of historical fiction – <i>The Lymond Chronicles</i> and <i>The House of Niccolo</i> – set in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and ranging across Europe and the Mediterranean, and for <i>King Hereafter</i>, the eleventh-century story of Earl Thorfinn of Orkney whom Dorothy believed was also King Macbeth. In 1992, Dorothy Dunnett was awarded the OBE for her services to literature, and in 2014 Dunnett's most enduring hero, Francis Crawford of Lymond, was voted Scotland's favourite literary character – beating the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and Ivanhoe. Dunnett died 9 November 2001, having sold half a million copies internationally.



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