Traces Remain: Essays and Explorations By Charles Nicholl


Traces Remain: Essays and Explorations By (author) Charles Nicholl ISBN:9780140296822

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History leaves its traces all around us. In this stylish, intriguing collection of essays, Charles Nicholl transforms glimpses of the past into witty and poignant vignettes of people and places, from Jacobean pimps to Patagonian giants, from the remnants of a lost Shakespeare play to a new Jack the Ripper suspect, from the trial of Beatrice Cenci in Renaissance Rome to the last days of the poet-boxer Arthur Cravan in a Mexican fishing port. These twenty-five essays pursue fugitive traces of historical evidence with uncanny forensic skill, and reanimate lost times in vivid and compelling detail.

‘Some writers are so good at what they do that they can take you anywhere. Charles Nicholl is one of them.’ Irish Times

‘Our finest literary and historical detective . . . Deliciously readable.’ Financial Times

‘Charles Nicholl confirms his role as literature’s historic Holmes . . . thoroughly captivating.’ Scotsman

Traces Remain: Essays and Explorations By (author) Charles Nicholl ISBN:9780140296822

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Charles Nicholl has written travel books, <i>The Fruit Palace</i> and <i>Borderlines; a study of Elizabethan alchemy, The Chemical Theatre</i>, and a biography of the pamphleteer Thomas Nashe, <i>A Cup of News</i>. He has also written a reconstruction of Sir Walter Raleigh's search for El Dorado, <i>The Creature in the Map</i>, and <i>Somebody Else</i>, which won the 1998 Hawthornden Prize and a biography of Christopher Marlowe, <i>The Reckoning.</i> <p> </p><p>Charles Nicholl is the author of nine books of history, biography and travel, including the celebrated <i>The Reckoning- The Murder of Christopher Marlowe</i> (winner of the James Tait Black Prize for Biography, and the Crime Writers' Association 'Gold Dagger' Award for non-fiction), <i>Somebody Else- Arthur Rimbaud in Africa</i> (winner of the Hawthornden Prize), <i>The Fruit Palace</i> and <i>The Creature in the Map</i>. He has presented two documentaries for British television, and has lectured in Britain, Italy and the United States. He lives in Italy with his wife and children.</p>



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