Where’s Wally? By Martin Handford


Where’s Wally? By (author) Martin Handford ISBN:9781406305890

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The Where’s Wally? series has sold over 75 million copies worldwide.

Start the search for Wally in the original eye-boggling classic activity book!

The original book which kick-started the worldwide Wally phenomenon! Search for Wally and his friends as they hike round the world – on the beach, at the train station, at sea … They’re fiendishly hidden in every intricately-detailed scene – and there are lots of other things to look for too. Hours of fun and games await.

Where’s Wally? By (author) Martin Handford ISBN:9781406305890

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Martin Handford's earliest influences were cinema epics and playing with toy soldiers, and at art college he loved to draw busy, militarily correct battle scenes. Each picture in his <i>Where's Wally?</i> books takes him months to draw. "As I work my way through a picture, I add Wally when I come to what I feel is a good place to hide him," he says.


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